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The White Goddess

This is an excerpt from my collection, Borg Like Me. If you’re interested, you can order the book here. I had an event in my life, a plain and unexpected epiphany, that’s become a high watermark to my happiness. Of course, celebrations of big milestones, things like my marriage, the birth of my son, wereContinue reading “The White Goddess”


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About Me

My name is Gareth Branwyn. I like to disguise myself as a mild-mannered reporter working the technology and pop/fringe culture beats. I’m the former Editorial Director of MAKE, and have contributed to Boing Boing, Wired, Esquire, I.D., and numerous other magazines and dailies. I’ve also written and edited over a dozen books, including the Mosaic Quick Tour, the first book about the World Wide Web. Arlington, Virginia is where I hang my propeller beanie. When not working, I like to pass the time contemplating my navel (it’s an “innie”), dog paddling the media spew, and generally lapping up as much life experience as possible.

Don’t let the Welsh name fool you. I’m a half Lebanese/half Norwegian dude from the malodorous tobacco fields of Chesterfield, Virginia. So how did I get the name “Gareth Branwyn?” It’s a long story, involving a broken heart, a bottle o’ moonshine, a fistful of pharmaceuticals, and a bigshot magazine editor. I’ll tell you about it sometime over a beer or frappuccino.

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