Quotes About Borg Like Me

From Media People:

“Borg Like Me is fantastic!” – RU Sirius (countercultural iconoclast and Mondo 2000 founder

“Amazing.” – Mark Frauenfelder (Boing Boing founder)

“A treasure trove of alternative thought and lifestyle.” – JC Gonzo, The End of Being

“Gareth Branwyn is an authentic human being, the kind that inspires people like me to take heart and leap into the void.” -conceptual artist and alt.culture blogger Red Cell

“”[Your] book…represents an important infusion of authentic spirit into conversations around technology and culture…Also, a great time capsule of the Weird Wide Web and its antecedent impulses. Borg Like Me is a song of hope.” – Casey Rae, Future of Music Coalition

“If it wasn’t for your early writing… I probably wouldn’t have been inspired to do what I’m doing.” –Tom Igoe (co-creator of the Arduino microcontroller and beloved NYU/TISCH professor)

“To meet the true hands-on cyberpunks, the true proto-hackers, the true frontiersmen of the tech that transformed the world…read Borg like Me.” – John Shirley (the man that William Gibson called cyberpunk Patient Zero)

“In his writing, Gareth balances the edge between subjective experience and objective journalism, so “Borg Like Me” is not promoting a technological message of salvation. It offers to the reader new points of view on past and present events in counter-/cyber-/culture, without attempting to explain the entire online universe and in well-written, easy-to-understand essays, that serve as gateways into the wondrous world of the cultural diversity in our time.” – Creative cyberculturalist” Simone Ines Lackerbauer

From Readers

“Gareth’s career exploring the fringes of the developing online world makes him an ideal guide to the possibilities and hazards of interconnected culture. It would be difficult to find an influential corner of the growing networked world that he wasn’t involved in. His insight and experience give him a unique perspective that comes through in these articles. A great read. -Ross Hershberger

“You’ll be hooked by his honesty and gathered in by this amazing personal adventure that is part history/part love story, filled with keen insights (even with suggested music to listen to while reading), and stories about the early days of the internet. This man writes for you and to you. And yes, you will love it. -Christie R. Uhler

“Borg Like Me is an impressive piece of work — at once a fascinating time capsule and current memoir. It reads easily and with a consistent sense of humor, but Gareth’s sincerity and depth of feeling permeate every one of the essays. There’s a lot in here to ponder about a life well-lived, what that means, and how that’s built.

While many of the zines, blogs, and multimedia projects that Gareth participated in during the 90s are rightly seen as foundation works for the early Internet, the level to which he and his compatriots shaped our current online culture is not often sufficiently acknowledged. There is little boasting here, but a number of good stories that make you realize more clearly where we’ve come from.

Even though this book and my Kindle are stacked on top of each other by the bed, and I usually prefer the one-handed laziness of the ebook, Borg Like Me demanded to be read in paper form. Perhaps it’s the zines talking.” – Jonathan D. Sousa

“The artwork is perfect. For ALL of the stories. I love that it’s so multi-sensorial, even with songs to enhance your reading experience — the art, words, FEELINGS. Beautiful. You over-achieving ass!” – Kelly Hughes

Read it and let me know what YOU think!

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