Quotes About Me

Gareth Branwyn — superconductor of cyberculture… a hip McLuhan of the plugged-in age.
Washington Post

Gareth Branwyn tracks this media like no one else.
– RU Sirius, Mondo 2000

Gareth is a highly-charged countercultural electromagnet.
– Sci-fi/horror author John Shirley

[A] better Virgil to lead us through the zones of cyberculture will be hard to find.
– Brooks Landon, Science Fiction Studies

Branwyn lays forth a brilliantly organized survey of fringe media.
(review of Jamming the Media)

Branwyn’s stuff is so good that people regularly rip it off, passing it along in those ubiquitous joke e-mails.
Washington Post
(review of Jargon Watch book)

One of Wired’s most popular features…an up-to-date list of slang wielded by the digerati.
(review of Jargon Watch)

Puts the Mac back on its revolutionary track.
(review of Beyond Cyberpunk!)

– Sci-fi author and mathenaut Rudy Rucker
(commenting on Beyond Cyberpunk!)

I found it enlightening and hard to tear myself away from.
L. R. Shannon, The New York Times
(review of Beyond Cyberpunk!)

Truly inspired.
LA Times
(review of Happy Mutant Handbook)

Brilliant writing and impressive scholarship…a literary standard for how tech books should be written.
Toronto Globe & Mail
(review of Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Building Robots)

An avatar of imagination…a shining example of why weird wins.
Laika Studios (Coraline, ParaNorman)
(Weird Hero Award letter)

Branwyn does an admirable job of marshaling the rag-tag resources of the far-flung DIY community…
(Review of Jamming the Media)

Branwyn lays forth a brilliantly organized survey of fringe media.
Res Magazine
(Review of Jamming the Media)

Could be the best thing that ever happened to a suburban adolescence.
SF Bay Guardian
(review of Happy Mutant Handbook)

One of the greatest writers I know!
– Mark Frauenfelder, Boing Boing founder, MAKE Editor-in-Chief, Giant Internet Mucky-Muck

One of my favorite pop-tech thinkers, somewhere between Blake, Philip K. Dick, and The Firesign Theater
– Mark Dery, cultural critic, author of Escape Velocity and I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts

One of the great tech+art minds in the DC area
-Philippa Hughes, DC arts impresario and Chief Creative Contrarian, Pink Line Project

Gareth Branwyn is a tireless miner of the more outre creations of the mind.
– Mike Gunderloy, World of Zines

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